An Attempt to Get You Thinking about the Importance and Relevancy of Ministering To Teens In a Whole New Way

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Purpopse statment

Well, I am guilty of leaving the blog-o-sphere. I was on a role, doing good for humanity… well at least 5 subscribers, friends from facebook, and possibly random people just happening about the blog. So humanity not so much but there are the 7 people ( including myself) benefiting from my efforts to critically thinking about youth ministry reform. Well I am planning to be more consistent and routine with postings. I admit I was bit very hard by the summer bug. But I plan to make and post at least two posts a month that are of significant content. So to solidify the purpose for the blog let me tell you what I am doing. Other than the much needed experience in organizing thoughts and communicating them through writing I also would like to reform the idea of youth ministry, one visitor at a time. my idea of reformed youth ministry is not related to reformed theology, rather consider this an attempt at reforming ministry method. I do not have to argue hard for many to agree that there is and has been something wrong with the last 20 or 30 years of youth ministry. It is the response to the past that I hope to shape. Rather than the typical reaction to error we need to balance things our a little. It is my desire to see youth ministry become more biblical and more fruitful. I would like to discuss each are of youth ministry from the pulpit to the living room.